Patient identification

No confusion (error) when choosing a menu (of a patient) in a rehabilitation clinic.

Identification of samples

Cryo labels for pathology.


Printing indicator labels for sterilisation.

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High resistance labels

Labels for sieves of medical utensils in central sterilisation

Expiration date

Printing directly on food packaging before cooking

Expiration date

Printing directly on salad packaging

Inkjet printing

Inkjet marking on oil filters

Textile labels

Labels for car mats

Inkjet printing

Marking of electric cables

Identification plate

Identification plate for electric devices

Inventory marking

Stock management for someone renting stands at commercial fairs

Inventory labels

Colour inventory labels

Marking products

Personalised producer labelling for wholesalers

Shipping slip

Shipping slip with variable printing

2-D Datamatrix

Datamatrix labels for glue bottles

Price display

Label printers for paternoster in hardware shops

Rental system

Labelling of cable drums


Follow-up solution and traceability of the production path of printer cartridges

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