Identification marking of cable drums

Initial Situation

A wire manufacturer delivers its products on wooden cable drums that will be returned empty by the clients.

Conceptual Formulation

The manufacturer needs a cable drum identification marking system. The marking has to be weatherproof, tear-resistant, and dirt-repellent and can’t peel off.

Solution proposed by alpharoll

The fact that the content of a transponder was usually read from a short distance argued against the usage of RFID (Radio-frequency identification) amongst other things since the marking on the cable drums has to be read from a fork-lift.
The solution was a high performance radio scanner that allowing barcodes to be read from a larger distance.

The label material poses a particular challenge since the labels have to be tear-resistant length- and crosswise. Alpharoll researched and is now providing labels consisting of cross-tied synthetic material. The endless labels are being imprinted by a thermal printer with integrated cutting device. The provided thermal transfer ribbons produce a particular wiping and tear-resistant print.
The label will be placed in a milled slot on the cable drum in order to protect the label from mechanical action.

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