Customer-specific labeling of a manufacturer for his wholesalers

Initial Situation

A manufacturer offers his whole sale clients to respectively label the goods ex works.

Conceptual Formulation

The manufacturer needs a tabular assignment between its own denominations and the specifications of the wholesaler in order to correctly print the labels and to have the correct data ready in case of a re-order. In addition, he has to be flexible with the label-layout.

Solution proposed by alpharoll

It was not difficult for alpharoll to deliver the right hardware. An appropriate thermal transfer printer with labels and thermal transfer ribbons was quickly found. The software solution required a bit more creativity. The assignment between manufacturer and wholesaler data occurs thanks to an Access®-database developed at alpharoll. The list of articles is expendable at will. Data will be entered by means of an Access®-form and processed by a Visual-Basic®-program.

The proven standard-software Codesoft® from Teklynx® was chosen for the layout of the labels. The fact that this printing tool could be piloted via a Windows®-application – operated by remote control in a manner of speaking - was an advantage of this.

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