Colour coded labels for the inventory

Initial Situation

A manufacturer of industry and garage doors marks all articles in his warehouse with a consequently numbered label during the yearly inventory. This label shows that the article has been counted.


It was possible that an article was misleadingly shown as already counted if an article stayed longer than one year in stock. An imprinted year date was only readable at close range. A new system not allowing this error had to be found.

Solution proposed by alpharoll

alpharoll has a multi-color printer at its disposal that allows the simultaneous printing of a colored identification mark and a high-contrast barcode on a label. The idea is that this thermal transfer printer could print a colored frame on the edge of the inventory label. The color of this frame changes every year. This makes it possible to immediately recognize the creation date of the label from a distance. A continuous number is written in the center, once in plain English and once encoded as a barcode, to allow an easy control.

The client ordered the printed inventory labels at alpharoll. The service provider creates 16.000 of those labels each year. The printed numbers as well as the color of the year are given by the client. A weather resistant PE-material is used for the label and a UV-resistant wax/resin quality is used as the black ribbon in order to guarantee the durability over multiple years. The system proved oneself and is functioning flawlessly.

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