Inventory management of a booth builder

Initial Situation

A hirer of booths checks its inventory continuously. The manual entry of the construction components was very tediously and often resulted in mistakes. It was often not clear where the component got lost.

Conceptual Formulation

The firm needed an easy to use and well-arranged system for the administration to better overlook the inventory and track back missing components. The condition of the components and its life span should be registered as well.

Solution proposed by alpharoll

An identification marking by RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) wasn’t appropriate since most of the components consisted at least partly of metal. This would have needed cost-intensive special transponders.

All parts were identified by means of scratch and wipe resistant printed labels. alpharoll chose for this purpose extremely long-lasting and particularly adhesive PET labels. All information was collected and written into a specially developed Access®-database. Every dataset incorporates multiple fields for the unambiguous identification of the components, such as a description, a foto and the date of the initial data entry. Every single component will be registered at every renting via a radio scanner. It will then be assigned to the respective transaction. An eventually missing component will be displayed after all the returned components of this renting are reregistered in the database.

This case illustrates very well alpharoll’s particular strength in developing and providing complete solutions in the area of automated identification marking. alpharoll suggests an appropriate course of action after the detailed analysis of requirements. alpharoll then provides the hardware (thermal printer, thermal transfer ribbon, labels, radio scanner) and develops the software.

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