Ink-jet-identification marking of oil filters

Initial Situation

A filter manufacturer produces oil filter for the automobile industry amongst other things. He has to label the black synthetic box of those foil filters with yellow color. He used older CIJ (continuous ink-jet)-printers in order to do so.


On the one hand, the print was not contrasty enough since the ink pigments were sedimenting in the tank of the printer. On the other hand, the injectors of the ink-jet printer were congesting. Bright ink-jet inks do normally have a high pigment proportion in order to be opaque. The consequence of this is the clogging of the injectors.

Solution proposed by alpharoll

alpharoll had a look at the situation on-site and advised the use of a KGK printer. The printers of the Japanese manufacturer KGK are designed in a way that the ink will be in constant circulation thanks to a stirring in the ink tank. The ink will therefore remain homogenous and the contrast will be constantly high. The injectors are closed hermetically whenever the printer is not being used in order to prevent that the ink will dry out in the ink channel. A cleaning will not be necessary and the usage of solvent is considerably lower.

alpharoll installed a trial model CCS 3000L during a testing period and briefed the shift direction about the operation of this KGK-printer. The client decided to buy this printer due to outstanding results during this period.

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