Variable printed pack slips bound when packaged

Initial Situation

A manufacturer of insulation boards made of styrofoam complied its legal obligations of putting a packing slip in the package of its goods. The pack slip was printable for every product on stock. The manufacturer hat to monitor the inventory and print new pack slips sufficiently early. They were attached to the insulation boards by means of an applicator.

Conceptual Formulation

The existing procedure was complex and interference-prone. The client was looking for an easier system with more flexibility in order to make him independent. It needed to be taken into account during the development of the system that the air in the room was to a certain extent contaminated by dust.

Solution proposed by alpharoll

alpharoll provided the client with an appropriate thermal transfer printer as a stand-alone-system as well as the suitable labels and thermal transfer ribbons so that the technical data could be reprinted anytime.
Endless labels cut to the desired length by means of a cutter are used. The labels are then being dropped on the stack of the insulation boards. This stack together with the incumbent pack slip is then welded.

A dust cover is used in order to protect the label printer together with the cutting device. This cover is vented with filtered air. Excess pressure created inside of the dust cover prevents the intrusion of particles.

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