Placing of shipping labels on parcels

Initial Situation

A Russian tobacco producer needed a system in order to fix shipping labels at the side of the boxed parcel.

Particular Challenge

The room air is contaminated by dust particles so that the printer had to be protected against dust. It was not possible at this time to use a Cyrillic typeset on a standard printer via the WGL (Windows Glyph List). Recurrent Russian words in Cyrillic lettering have to be printed though.

Solution proposed by alpharoll

The printing of variable data on labels is a standard application for thermal transfer printing applications. alpharoll provided the client a label printer as well as single labels and the appropriate thermal transfer ribbon. This system was completed by an automated label dispenser that placed the printed labels at the side of the parcels. A dust cover was mounted in order to protect the devices from dust.

The Russian words that have to be printed are being sent to the printer in form of an art design since they will stay the same. The provided variable data are being brought together with the art design in the working memory.

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