Cryo labels for the pathology

Initial Situation

The pathological department of a clinic needs labels that can endure temperatures ranging from -80°C to +80°C with an extremely long product life for the freezing of tissue sampling. The labels must not perish and need to have high grip from start to finish. Furthermore, they need to be immune to humidity.

Solution proposed by alpharoll

The finding of labels with a sufficiently long life period was the notable challenge. Alpharoll investigated, conducted tests and provided labels on the basis of polypropylene in combination with an extremely resistant thermal transfer ribbon and a suitable thermal printer. The clinic tested this sample material put at its disposal by alpharoll under real conditions. This combination proves oneself in everyday life till this day.

These laboratory labels fulfill the requirements for labeling different sample containers and specimen holders in the areas of pathology, histology and molecular biology. They are used under extreme conditions as for example the storage at extremely low temperatures or even in liquid nitrogen at 196°C.  Furthermore those labels prove to be resistant against the conditions in autoclaves or in hot water baths. They are robust against solvent as well, as for example dimethylbenzene, DMSO and ethanol.

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