Label printing for wire sold by the meter in a building supplies store

Initial Situation

A mechanical engineering company delivers building supplies stores with cable drum paternoster. At the same time, it wants to provide its clients with a system to mark the material sold by the meter. Thermal printers were available to print bar code labels for the cash register, but they often failed.

1. Conceptual Formulation

The existent printers integrated in the paternoster are to be replaced by more dependable ones.

1. Solution proposed by alpharoll

Alpharoll connected table top thermal printer to the system. All data from the paternoster were transferred to the device and could be printed.

2. Conceptual Formulation

A large building supplies store chain has a WLAN network at its disposal. It wanted to have the possibility to update the data in the paternoster via this network. The cable drum paternosters were a stand-alone-system up to this moment.

2. Solution proposed by alpharoll

The printers could have been equipped with WLAN-cards. This would have caused considerable costs though. The alternative is the connection of touch-PCs to the paternosters. They will receive the updated data via WLAN as needed. Every touch-pc was equipped with the operating system used in the store in order to achieve maximum compatibility. The data administration software was developed by Alpharoll.

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