Thermal printing has been established for quite a long time on the automated identification market. There is a difference between direct thermal printing that does not require ink or ribbons, and special thermal paper that reacts to heat and changes colour. Direct thermal printing technology is in part used for difficult applications, for example, printing labels on blood bags. Printing must be durable and highly resistant to temperature, friction and humidity. The demands are sometimes not so high, for example, when printing a cash voucher. This printing method is inexpensive, but not very reliable.

Thermal transfer technology generally offers very good printing results. It uses the printer head to melt the wax or the resin onto the ribbon and applies it to the chosen surface. The properties of the thermal transfer ribbons are essential for the print quality as well as the characteristics of the support and the compatibility between them.

We we can do the tests needed to find the optimal combination between the ribbon and the support for your application in our laboratory. We offer a complete solution for printing labels: a thermal printer, thermal transfer ribbons and labels. It is really worthwhile to do tests before starting series printing because bad printing creates problems.

Printers for bar code labels are our speciality. We mostly sell Zebra printers and we also sell printers of other brands: TSC, Intermec, Avery or Sato as well as materiel from other manufacturers. We are happy to recommend the printer with the best quality-price ratio for your application.

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