The choice of the right label depends on the application and the constraints it will be exposed to. Could the label come in contact with water? Is it suitable for use with food? Does it need to be resistant to scratching and wiping? We offer a wide range of labels in different materials (vellum, cardboard, composite, synthetic, and textile materials), whether for pre-printed, blank, cut, or continuous labels. For hospitals there is a series of special labels: PVC labels for labelling medical devices, cryo labels resistant to cold for the storing for blood and pathological samples, control labels for steam sterilisation and microbiology labels that are not sensitive to heat, cold, humidity or alcohol.

The patient bracelet for the safe identification and the follow up of patients in hospitals is part of the printing materiel of the health sector.

Consider that impeccable printing cannot be obtained unless the support and the thermal transfer ribbon are perfectly compatible. Contact us and we will find the perfect solution according to the needs of your application.

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