If you have a small printer (thermal for example) that is defective and easily transportable, you can send it to us to be repaired, saving the cost and trouble of transport. Please include in the package a detailed description of the problem. The sooner we identify the source of the error, the sooner we will be able to repair your printer and send it back to you.

A word of advice: if you modified a parameter of your printer, this could lead to an erroneous result without any part being defective. A concrete example: for a long time you have been printing a bar code on labels and you change suppliers. Suddenly the printing is no longer as clear as before: the fine lines in particular are flawed. It could be that the surface of the label is no longer as smooth, even though the label is composed of the same materiel.

If you are not sure whether your printer is defective, you can resolve the problem with our technician over the phone. A repair will probably not be necessary: the consumables (the support or the thermal transfer ribbons) are not compatible.

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