We have two of our own bar code label programmes to suite your needs. Codesoft® was developed for the Teklynx company®. The 2012 version includes many improvements and novelties. The new printing dialogue box was improved. Header/footer/front-back tracing is possible. The "Adjust to frame" option allows you to dynamically adapt your font size to its designated zone. The Port Watch variables allow you to obtain data from external peripheral devices (scales, scanners, etc.). The bar code support has been widened in order to support EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) image formats and PDF files (Portable Document Format).

NiceLabel® with conception and printing programmes Designer Express, Designer Standard, Designer Pro und PowerForms Desktop. It is in this order that higher demands are met. Designer Express creates labels with text and graphic elements in a few minutes and uses Microsoft Excel as a database. The label assistant allows you to create or use preconceived label models. The database assistant facilitates the connexion to the OLE / ODBC databases. This programme includes the "NicePrint" printing module that offers a large number of printing options. Designer Pro is the professional software for complex uses and allows scripting for example. With PowerForms, you can create reliable label printing applications yourself.


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